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LTA Level 5 Master Performance Coach and Coach Education Tutor, Heartmath and NLP Sports Psych Practitioner

Improved performance leads to better results.
Whether in a coaching, consultancy, or training setting, my commitment to clients is to encourage and equip you to:

Passionate about unleashing human potential to maximise performance and improve results.

Coaching by M I k E begins with the premise that we all want better results, whether at work, home or play.  We want to thrive rather than survive. Potential can be defined as 'the abilility to develop skills, with effort, over time' (Dr. Carol Dweck). Carrying those skills into 'effect' is your performance.

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Mike James
Performance Coach & Consultant

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The book

In Everyball author Mike James delves deep into his own tennis experiences, first as a child growing up playing on the 'murram' courts of Kenya, then to the hard courts of Tucson, Arizona, and finally to a 22-year coaching career in Great Britain, to bring alive his coaching philosophy of Everyball.

Sometimes humorous, sometimes more serious, these parable-like reflections, anecdotes and observations from a life in tennis aim to tool you up for the game of life!

It's no doubt a book for the tennis coach, parent, player and enthusiast, all of which Mike is, but also for anyone interested in learning, growing and thriving in the bigger game we all have no choice but to play.

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Everyball Tennis and Halton UK

I learned to play tennis on a court built by my Father in Langata, just outside Nairobi in Kenya, and there began a love affair with the sport that was fuelled on the hard courts of Arizona where I played High School and Division 1 College tennis (The University of Arizona, Tucson studying History and English) and continues today as Director of Tennis for Halton UK and founder of it's coaching brand and provider Everyball Tennis.

20 years working in British Tennis has seen me work as a County Performance Officer for Bucks and Herts, National Performance Officer for Scotland, travel extensively across Europe and work with a number of top national and internationally ranked junior players, several going on to successful professional careers, either as players or coaches.

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